Education Voters Institute

Why It's Important to us all

There is no more important contribution to our nation's future than a prepared, educated and engaged citizenry. Currently our public education is failing our children. Excellent solutions to the education challenges exist. We know how to help all children learn and succeed: research has shown that to be successful, the public education system must offer quality pre-kindergarten education, small schools that have high expectations and rigorous curricula aligned with both state standards and the workplace, and good teachers who are well supported by principals and district leadership.

Yet, we also know that two-thirds of all children are being left behind – a third of all children do not graduate from high school at all, and half of those students who do graduate are not prepared for college, meaningful employment or to participate fully in society. The future of the nation and these children is at risk and what is needed is a determined, long-term commitment to improve public education for all of the children.

We have moved toward a knowledge-based economy. Our public school system must provide young people from all backgrounds and circumstances with the knowledge and skills necessary to become full participants in this changing economy. Otherwise, the gap that confronts our society between those with access to good education and those without will continue to expand and will threaten our economic future, our democracy, and our society.

As a nation, the American people care about educating our children and believe that it is one of the most important functions of government. We must demand real leadership that transforms public policy.