Education Voters Institute

How We Are Different?

Strategic participation in democratic processes is the key to transforming education policies. We believe that by engaging the public in a discussion of what comprises a high-quality education and then promoting the policies necessary to enable our public school system to provide that high-quality education for all children, we can fundamentally change public education in America. All public officials claim to be pro-public education, but most people have difficulty defining the elements that ensure quality education and evaluating whether or not their public officials are making decisions that will result in an effective education for all children. Education Voters Institute will work with distinguished academics, practitioners, policy makers, think tanks, educators, and voters to identify the most critical elements for making public schools work. Based on that research, EVI will work state by state, year by year, to ensure that voters and public officials have a common understanding of specific policies they can support, and specific actions they can take, to improve public education policy. The interactive sections of our website, and the state EVI affiliates, will ensure that our information is timely, relevant, and action-oriented.