Education Voters Institute

Building Public Demand

Many organizations develop innovative educational programs, conduct best practice research, and train educators and parents to support student success. But a fundamental gap inhibits widespread adoption of these efforts. EVI fills that gap, using advocacy to transform other organizations' good work into systemic change. Using civic participation and public information campaigns, we build public demand for excellent education and channel it toward policy change. We identify, inform, and motivate people who care about education to advocate for excellent public education systems. We work with other national organizations and our emerging state EVI network, to build public demand for policies that will:

  • Close the opportunity gap by eliminating educational inequities within and across schools, neighborhoods, districts, and states.
  • Encourage innovation and creativity to address the needs of every child.
  • Invest in quality teachers, reducing turnover and increasing student success.
  • Guarantee universal access to education from pre-K through postsecondary school.